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Me and My son

Me and My son

Hi my name is Kareim Jamal and a little while back I came across a video on youtube of a guy living the so called “laptop lifestyle”, which  basically meant he travelled the world and made ridiculous amount of cash through the sale of ‘information products’ online.

“Whaaat!!!” It was like a thousand light bulbs going off in my head all at the same time. I’d never before considered the possibility of setting up an internet business to sell thousands of dollars of value based information products on autopilot!. I mean I knew that the likes of Amazon and iTunes were doing it, but  I had no idea that everyday people were doing this… What a freaking cool idea! Finally being about to separate time from money!

What would you do if you only had to ‘work’ a four hour week ?…as Tim Ferris famously celebrated in his book…

Maybe you would still work a job, but it now it would be a job you did for the LOVE not the MONEY?

Maybe you would just retire early, travel the world and start painting everyday, or learning a instrument..? Perhaps you would  also retire your spouse and parents early while you are at it, and spend the rest of your days fighting against environmental destruction?

My head was whirring with the possibilities of the new digital economy.

For once I knew deep in my bones that I was in the right place at the right time to totally transform my lifestyle and help others do the same.

At a time when many ‘brick and mortar’ economies were starting to groan a slow death, I became determined to join the emerging class of Internet entrepreneurs who were making more money in a month than most people were earning in a year.

I made a pledge then and there to work this ‘Internet marketing thing’ out and get my slice of the new digital pie.

It just so happened I was made redundant  from my job at an Internet startup company at the end of 2011.  That was in fact the second time in my life that I had been made redundant.

When my son was born in July 2012 my resolve to create an truly independent income became all the more burning.

Well I wish it had been as easy as I though it would be. What actually followed was months of struggling online, trying various things, going down dead ends, getting scammed, getting distracted, losing focus, and experiencing information overload.

In retrospect trying to learn a whole load of new and kind of abstract stuff while coping with the sleep deprivation of a new parent, was definitely not the easiest task. Yep keeping focussed during the first heady months of looking after  new baby was always going to be a challenge.

However I never gave up.

Though my success did not come quickly I did however meet some great people online and offline, and lay some great foundations for building my online affiliate marketing business.

So…am I an online gazillionaire yet? er no…. but my online story is really just beginning.

I’ll be sharing what I’m learning in this website.

When I’m not in front of my computer building my online marketing empire (….whahaha), I’m a very hands on dad, a part time DJ,  a freelance online marketing consultant, and I occasionally volunteer to help charities and not for profits do cool things with their websites and social media.

Please feel free to connect with me via email or on social media if you would like to chat more…

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