Ds Domination Review ~ Make Money Drop Shipping

Ds domination review

Have you heard  how so many people are making money online with drop shipping? Well If you are looking at having a go at drop shipping then DS Domination is a program which will show you pretty much everything you need to get started.

Ds Domination has been put together by Platinum eBay seller Roger Langille and his partners Hitesh and Kevin Hokoana and will lead a complete newbie through the process of selling goods on eBay and even Amazon, without having to buy or store any items or even pay for them first.

Drop shipping is simply sourcing items at wholesale prices, listing them at a profit on eBay or other platforms, and then getting the supplier to deliver the goods. Cool eh!

So it requires very minimal if any upfront start up costs, and none of the hassle of handling or storing goods!

I guess it is the ultimate middle-person business for physical goods in the digital age, and a very simple way to make some money online.

What’s actually in the DS Domination Course?

The DS Domination course that is a step by step video series packed with great tips, tricks and info on:

  • How to crush your competition on eBay with ninja listing strategies
  • How to find in demand goods that give you up to $300 pure profit per sale
  • How to make a killing on Amazon by becoming a registered supplier

It’ also comes complete with price trackers, and various other tools to help you find items quickly.

My Experience with DS Domination

I decided to see what the DS Domination hype was about, and see if it was a scam or not. It actually sounded too good to ignore, so I tested it out in my spare time over a two month period. For roughly 1-2 hours a day, while watching TV or listening to music and audio books in the evening, I listed items using the methods found in DS Domination Pro $19.00 per month and DS Domination $99 per month.

What  I saw was that once I had my eBay account set up with proper listing limits, and established a rhythm with listing I soon got up to about 200 items listed, which was bringing me in an average of 1000-$1500 per month. Between $30 and $300 per day in net profits.

Relisting items that sell is as simple as three clicks of a mouse – so listing items becomes quicker and quicker. You can maintain a profitable ebay store with just a couple of hours a week once established.

Now I know that if you put in more dedicated time, perhaps 5-6 hours a day, then it is very possible to scale your income with DS Domination and drop shipping to about 10 times this amount, and the higher level programs show you exactly how to do that.

Right now I’m happy to see this as a nice and easy second income.

In addition there is an affiliate program which enables affiliates to earn commissions when someone joins through their link.

This means that you can effectively cover your subscription costs with two referrals, and if you refer a large amount of people this can bring you a big residual income.

DS Domination Review – the Verdict

There is no doubt that DS Domination teaches a good straight forward way to make extra cash by drop shipping.


Very minimal start up costs

Clear down to earth training from Roger Langille and Kevin

Simple Copy and pasting


You need to watch your listing like a hawk.

Some discount items will go out of stock quite quickly, and I’ve found myself in the awkward position a number of times of having to issue refunds and apologies to customers who have bought when I could no longer supply.

Slightly boring

Yep – I said it

Don’t get me wrong – I love getting emails like these, Telling me I’ve just made a bunch of money from just copying and pasting:

But sometimes at the beginning the listing can get a bit tedious.

However like anything once you have put in the work it becomes pretty plane sailing.

And seriously I don’t know any other program that can give most people results so quickly. So that said I still recommend it to people who want an easy and straight forward second income or possibly a primary income online.

I you are looking to join DS Domination I offer an exclusive bonus of my secret Drop shipping suppliers list that even Roger won’t tell you about.

Just use the link below and send me an email once you have got inside you back office:


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