Infobesity – How to Stop Information Overload Killing your Business

information overload -infobesity
If you have ever sat blinking at the screen of your laptop, your eyes scanning the 40 tabs that you have open, looking for a clue as to what you should be doing next, getting to the end of your day with the gnawing feeling that you didn’t get a fraction of what you planned finished, then you are probably suffering from Information Overload.

Our insatiable appetite for more information, newer information, shinier information is leading to an epidemic of what some are calling Infobesity, too much information in our mental diet!

This is particularly hard to avoid when you start an online business or do any kind of work online, where a flood of new information is so easily available with every quick Google search, and our electronic devices buzz with notifications and alerts every 5 minutes.

If you don’t manage your daily intake of information it will eventually kill your productivity and momentum.

In fact Microsoft did a study of their staff and found that on average it takes 24 minutes to get back on task after being distracted by answering a text or email. Half of that time is spent just remembering what you were working on before.

It’s not entirely our fault that we get distracted online, as millions of dollars have been spent designing applications and devices to be more addictive to use, and we have to admit that they can be a very entertaining distraction.

But if you know you could be doing more with your day, or really want to free up more time to spend with friends and family, then now is the time to take back control of your life. Here’s a few productivity tips that have really helped me, and will hopefully help you too.

1 Plan what you are going to do the night before with Trello

Fight information overload with trelloThe worst thing for productivity is arriving at your computer in the morning not knowing what you are going to be doing that day. You will end up spending the first hour faffing about when you could have actually completed something that will build your business.

I recommend using Trello which is a completely free application available online and on your smart phone, which allows you to keep a simple overview of all the tasks that you need to do, the tasks you are currently doing and the tasks which you complete. Visit Trello HERE



2 Limit your time on certain websites using leech block

Unless you really need to be on Facebook and Twitter and other social networks for work, then strategically limit your access to them.

First make sure you turn off all social media alerts on your phone, and then use Leech blocker to limit the websites that waste yourtime.

Leech Block is an addon for the firefox browser that is easy to install and can be programmed to block certain sites at the times of the day you really need to focus.

leech block

3 Use Simpleology for longterm planning and chunking.






If your head is buzzing with ideas and you need help organising them into simple actions and tasks, then Simpleology may be a great tool for you.

Once you log in and register your free account, it will lead you all the way from brainstorming ideas to prioritising those ideas and creating clear plans.

Check it out here.

4 Use egg.timer to make sure you get regular breaks

egg timer






Studies shows that people work best when we take 5 minute breaks after 25 – 40 minutes of concentrated work.

If we don’t take these breaks then we will subconsciously look for those breaks by going on to social media sites or checking emails, which intensifies our information overload.  allows you to set the clock in your browser so that you focus for a set period of time.

Some people call this the Pomodoro technique. Try it out and you will find that you actually stay much more focussed for longer.

5 Get an accountability partner

If you are working on your own and building a home business without a boss breathing down your neck, staying accountable can be a challenge.

The rewards are great but it takes a lot of self discipline to remain focussed. That’s why you need to find someone who will hold you accountable for what you say you are going to achieve.

One online program that comes with your own personal coach is Matt Lloyds, My Top Tier Business (Mttb). From day one you are assigned a mentor who will talk you through the steps to building a profitable home business online. This is an amazing way to cut through information overload and get momentum in your business fast.

I recommend anyone who wants the internet lifestyle, but struggles to know where to start to look into MTTB.

Take a look here:


Remember information is like food. Make sure you actually put into action the information you consume otherwise you will get infobesity and information overload will kill your mental fitness!


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