My Top Tier Business Review – MTTB

My Top Tier Business Review MTTB

If you are looking into Matt Lloyd’s MTTB or My Top Tier Business you have to know that this is definitely not your average online business opportunity. 

Here’s my My Top Tier Business review and details of my exclusive bonus for those who join MTTB with me.

The My Top Tier Business program has been created by Matt Lloyd and his team, to take a newbie or even experienced marketer from ground zero to making $10,000 – $20,000 per month within 6-12 months or sooner.


Firstly you will get assigned a personal coach from day one who will be there throughout all the 21 steps of the program, so you will never feel alone in the process. It is also currently the only program that I know that actually gives you a guarantee that you will make a commission within 30 days of completing the program, or you will get paid $500 and your initial investment!

Now just in case you are thinking that “I’m going to sign up with MTTB right now! and get $500 in 30 days”, you have to get real, and understand that this would only apply if you genuinely complete the 21 steps in the program. The good news is that if you do follow the 21 steps and put them into action you will be getting far more than $500 after 30 days, and won’t actually need the refund.

This is the great strength of the MTTB program, as not only do you get assigned a personal coach in your region of the world with whom you get daily contact, you also get easy to digest step by step training and resources in the members area that will expertly guide you in laying the foundations for long term business success.The steps in the program give you expert guidance in understanding successful business models to having the right mindset, to learning how to drive traffic to your offers.

This is precisely where most programs fail to deliver. In the rush to sign people up, a lot of people get forgotten by their sponsors and as a result lack the proper guidance to make their opportunity a success, even if it is a good product.

Many people get overwhelmed by information overload and end up just spinning their wheels.

This is where MTTB  is very different.

I’ve personally been involved in a couple of ‘online business opportunities’, but in my experience this is by far the best I’ve come across for a number of reasons.

  • There is really no hype involved.
  • You really do get expert mentorship and support
  • You get access to exclusive training
  • You get access to exclusive networking opportunities

If you choose to become a partner with Matt Lloyd, in MTTB, then everyone you refer also gets assigned a coach so you don’t have too dedicate lots of time to supporting new members at the beginning. It’s a system that takes a lot of the heavy lifting away from the affiliates, allowing them to concentrate on the core skills of any successful marketer.

1 – Driving visitors to an offer (Traffic)

2- Converting  those visitors into subscribers then buyers

What you need to know about My Top Tier Business

Part of the 21 steps does involve investing in higher cost products


because you will need products to promote and make commissions in any business.

This is the point when some people will ask Is My Top Tier Business a Scam? because they didn’t expect to have to invest any more in their business.

So Is My Top Tier Business a Scam?

Well imagine running a bike shop with no bikes? You rent the shop – it’s got a business advisor, staff, cash registers store cupboards the lot – but nothing to sell.

MTTB will teach you how to stock your online shop with products that people will love to buy.

If you really want to be able to make $10,000 to $20,000 per month you need to be able to invest the right products.

Now you could decide to create your own high ticket products but honestly this is going to take you a whole heap of cash and time.

MTTB will show you how you can licence the rights to sell already existing products with a proven quality and market.

One product called MOBE Licence rights (part of the My Online Business Empire suite) which costs $2000 and allows you to sell MTTB as well as 5 other  high ticket products at 90% commissions as well as make 50% commissions on the sale of the Licence rights itself.

The  main products that are included in the MOBE Licence rights are

  • The Inner Circle Sells for $97 per month Learn the hottest and latest online marketing, Lead generation and business scaling tactics from Matt Lloyd.
  • My Email Marketing Empire – Sells for $194.00Learn Email Marketing (The No 1 Income source of any internet marketer) by Matt Lloyd
  • The OPT FormulaSells for $194.00Learn the outsourcing secrets of 6 and 7 figures earners
  • Affiliate Bonus DominationSells for $291.00 Learn why traditional Affiliate Marketing is dead, and how to use the new rules to consistently dominate in major product launches, get major recognition, and win thousands in prize money
  • How to build a Funded Proposal – Sells for $194.00 Learn the Secrets Of 6 & 7 Figure Network Marketers: How To Recruit New Reps On Autopilot, Using Just The Internet

These are all high quality products that would cost you $970 to buy individually, but as a licencee you get to make 90% commissions on the sale of any of these products.

Also for a one time payment of $2000 you will be able to make commissions of $1000 over and over again, as well as get access to high quality no fluff online business training that is some of the best in the field.

You may already know that when starting out online as an affiliate marketer, or promoting your own product, just how hard it can be to get momentum and get into the profit zone.

I personally struggled for over a year before I started putting everything together and actually started making some cash.

Making money as an internet or affiliate marketer is easy when you know how, but anyone who tells you that it will happen overnight or will only take a couple of hours a day is just plain lying to you. Like anything there can be quite a steep  learning curve so it helps to have someone walking up the path with you.

If you are thinking of taking the step to see if My Top Tier Business is really for you then I encourage you to apply for the risk free application of $49 and go through the steps. If it’s not a good fit then you will get refunded straight away, although if if are really interested in creating a sustainable business online then I think you will.

*** My awesome MTTB My Top Tier Business bonus ***

For everyone who joins MTTB through my affiliate link I am going to give $1000 worth of bonuses.

Bonus 1 ~ Your own personalised blog – Value $479

You will get a fully customised blog that will be invaluable for developing your presence online.

In terms of creating relationships online a blog is essential.

Bonus 2 ~ Your own Squeeze Page Creator – Value $97

Create high converting eye catching squeeze pages, sales pages and thank you pages to capture your leads, with Authority Pro Squeeze page creator.

Bonus 3 ~ Facebook Lead Generator Software and Training $297

If you want to learn the insider secrets to getting dirt cheap Facebook PPC clicks and highly targeted leads,

I will not only give you a copy of a software used by all serious Facebook Marketers, Value $197

you will get access to a 2 bonus training webinars designed to get you off to a fast start. $100

Bonus 4 – Access to an exclusive MTTB Facebook group $200

Get access to exclusive traffic resources and mentoring from 6 and 7 figure earners in our Facebook group.

(This is additional to the MOBE and MTTB groups)

Just use the link below – go through all the 21 steps, and as soon as you decide to go on to the partnership level, I will give you

access to your bonuses.

Hope you found this My Top Tier Business Review helpful. If you want to get more information on how you can get started just click the link below:

>> MTTB – My Top Tier Business <<


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