Why You Need to Start Using Native Ads in Your Marketing Campaigns

You have probably heard a lot of buzz around ‘Native Ads’ in Facebook Marketing, and may be asking yourself

 “what the heck is native advertising and why should I be using it?”

In this article I’m going to let you know:

  • 4 BIG reason why you need to start using Native Advertising in your online marketing in 2014.
  • The 3 Main types of Native Advertising
  • The 3 essential ingredients that every Native Ad should have..

But first off….

What exactly is a Native Ad?

Here’s the thing …you have already seen many of them but may not have even known.

The original Native ads started out as advertorials, some of which got a bad name.

The worst of these advertorials were puff pieces in newspapers and magazines that were designed to look like a journalistic articles, but were obviously just selling a certain product.

You know the ‘scientific articles’ featuring a fake doctor that sells you the next dieting pill snake oil?

The better ones are more like reviews, such as the “ten great holiday destinations” sponsored by a particular travel company.

Hey I’m not saying advertorials don’t work when they are good, but Native Advertising are slightly different.

What makes Native Ads different from advertorials is that they are ads appearing in peoples social media news feeds, and usually give valuable educational content before selling an offer.

As a result Native Ads are soon becoming the leading edge of so called “content marketing”. Marketing which provides value for your niche audience, rather than going in for the hard sell, which just ends up alienating your potential customer.

Ryan Deiss from Digital Marketer has jokingly called Native Ads – “the hipster approved version of the advertorial” but says that they are really a lot more.

4 reasons why you need to use Native Ads according to Digital Marketer

  1. Banner blindness is growing.
  2. People are becoming blind to right side ads around an article or on their social media
  3. No one wants more obnoxious adverts trying to get their attention
  4. Native Ads are looked at 52% more than traditional ads!
  5. Native Ads actually get more views than content according to agencies such as Digital Marketer!

What are the 3 main examples of Native Ads?

1- In newsfeed Ads

Eg Sponsored posts in Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Linkedin and Youtube.

Here are some examples of Native Advertising:

Facebook Native Advertising

Native Advertising - Native Ad - Facebook Newsfeed

Native Ad Native Advertising


Google Native Advertising

Google Native Advertising

2 – Recommended Content 

For example –  related blog posts that are recommended at the end of an article.

3 – Paid Inclusion adverts

These usually appear in big publications like national newspapers but are usually very expensive so only for big budgets.

The 3 Essential Ingredients for the Ideal Native AD

1 – Provide education or entertainment first that solves a problem for your niche

Remember what you are doing is placing sales related content where people are not used to seeing adverts so don’t annoy people. Give people useful related content first, something that solves a direct problem for them before you even suggest they look at or buy an offer.

If you can then show your customer how they can solve their problems easier with your product then you have a potential sale. Either way

You have developed a relationship and the customer feels good you have educated or entertained them.

2 – Use an engaging image

These adverts must suit the platform in which they are displayed and appeal to the clients and customers you want to attract. Kinda obvious but it can take a while to work out what really works.

3 – Link to content not a sales page

With value based advertising you really don’t want to pitch a product in the first contact. Linking to free resources first will help you develop a trust with your potential customer. Videos free reports, tips, mindmaps and cheat sheets all work very well. Linking to your blog post is also a great way to build a relationship.

Thanks for reading- I hope you found these pointers useful! Please share or comment below!


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