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SEO Basics – How to Get First Page Ranking on Google.

Getting free search engine traffic to your website is excellent for business, because you not only get visitors for free, these visitors tend to be highly motivated potential clients and customers. If  someone directly types a specific search term into Google Bing or Yahoo, chances are they are looking for a specific solution to a problem, for example they may want to buy a house, find a present for a friend or find out how to start a business from home. So if you can provide a solution to your visitors problem they may well buy your service or product.

Now the way to you are going to get oodles of free traffic to your site requires some Search Engine Optimization (SEO) understanding.

The mysterious arts of SEO have changed a lot over the years and every update to Googles infamous Search algorithm results in more cries of dispair from website owners who see their rankings drop. But in reality SEO has always had the same principles and if you learn these then Google will be your friend not your enemy. So when building a webpage or publishing content, make sure you give the search engines what they want, which is quality relevant content, that is clearly laid out.

Traditionally hiring an SEO firm to do the job might cost you thousands of dollars, but fortunately you won’t have to invest even hundred of dollars to do this with the Search Engine Optimization approaches and ideas I’m going to  share with you right now.

This list is by no means extensive, but If you start putting some of these SEO strategies into action regularly, you can actually save  hundreds of dollars, in traffic generation, and create a profitable online business.

Tip 1. Make sure you include the Keywords in your titles and the body.

When creating a post make sure the key words that you want to get your page ranked for are in the title, and in the body of the content.

It’s good to have a number of “long tail” variations of your keyword dispersed throughout your text as well.

For Example

Header 1 Title: How eating bananas can help you loose weight.


Eating fruit should be part of a healthy balanced diet but did you know that eating bananas actually helps you to loose weight?

Bananas are one of the worlds favorite fruit, but most people do not know that bananas can help you loose weight.

Header 2 Title : Here are 5 ways that eating bananas can help you loose weight

Don’t over do it on the keywords as Google doesn’t really like it. 1% keyword density should be fine.

Tip 2 : Add Rich Media to your blog posts to improve SEO

Search engines love ranking rich media content more than straight text, So make sure you add images and video to your content where possible. If using video make sure the video title you use has the appropriate keywords. With images make sure you use the appropriate keywords in your alt tags.

Tip 3: Social Signals will Boost your Search Engine Rank.

These days Google and Bing are doing their very best to prioritize socially relavent content. And the way that they do this is through monitoring social engagement.

Any page that has a lot of comments, likes and shares will be seen as socially relavent content. so do your best to encourage people to like and share your content.

If you want get the ball rolling you can always join Empire Avenue or SocialAdr which are online networks where people are given incentives to share and like each others content.
Tip 2. Blogging Boosts Search Engine Optimization.
Adding a blog site to a static website is wonderful for Search Engine Optimization and improving your search engine outcomes (e.g. Search engines, particularly Google, love fresh new content and blogging is excellent way to tell Google that your website is alive and well and must be ‘indexed’ frequently.

Tip 3. Distribute your webpage URL’s throughout Social Media and Authority Sites.
I advise utilizing tools such as Onlywire  or SocialAdr to distribute your content across social media and authority websites. This will develop quality back links. There are other services and tools readily available which will instantly distribute your articles and web page URL’s to hundreds of article directory sites.

I recommend using Spindistribute.
Tip 4. Deep Linking is Great for SEO.

Links to your website from other websites are commonly known as backlinks, and quality backlinks are indication to the search engines that your content is relevant and trusted. Respected online forums, article directories and social networks are good places to get quality backlinks.

Remember, however that when you promote your site on online forums, social networks, and article directory sites etc make sure you do not just promote the home page (e.g. If you have lots of links pointing to other pages on your site this tells the search engines that there is good content to be discovered all over your site.. If you produce lots of blog site posts and distribute the url links throughout social media and authority sites, you can do this normally. On the other hand if all your incoming links go to your homepage it is a sign to search engines that your internet site is superficial, and doesn’t provide as much value to the visitor as it should.
Tip 5. Use  Smart Anchor Text for Great Search Engine Optimization.
Get the right balance of anchor text to and from your website. Anchor text is any text that links directly to another webpage. Words “Click on this link” isn’t as useful to the online search engine, as linking to it with words connected to your niche and the content of the page, e.g. “Diving Holidays” if you are in the diving holiday business. As a general guideline,  you must aim to use a variety of long-tail keyword expressions in 70 % of your inbound Anchor Text links, 20 % must have your URL, and you can use various “visit this site” variations in the staying 10 %. Inbound links are any links linking to your site. This helps the search engines find and rank your pages.

It is also good to put relevent outbound links into your content, that links to authority sites.

Tip 6. Get Some High Quality Links Sites.

One favored Search Engine Optimization method from a couple of years earlier was to get backlinks from site.
It’s not that essential any more as a SEO approach, however it may be a method that puts you ahead of your competition.
To websites utilize Google once more by simply input “inurl:. edu your keywords”, and send a message to administrators of those pages, and you could get an important back links (but only if your internet site is high quality!).
Tip 7. SEO Idea– Optimize One Keyword Words per Page.
You can spend a lot of time enhancing your websites for 2 keyword expressions, and actually decrease your prospective search results page. It is much better to create 2 various pages enhanced for just one keyword phrase each. If you had a traditional car site and you were Search Engine Optimization optimizing for “timeless BMWs” and “classic Porches” you can merely produce two optimized pages, one for each keyword expression, that will be displayed on 1st page of search engine outcomes. The page can still share cross over content, and both will get ranked.

Bonus: A Ninja Way to obtain Free High-Authority Links.

Below is a way I recently discovered about to acquire extremely relevant High-PR links free of charge!

First take an look at some quality, trusted directory sites (such as Yahoo, Aviva, DMOZ,,) and find the classification that is most associated with your niche. If you click the websites listed there you will see that quite a great deal of them are dead.

You can then use an inquiry on Google such as “link:” to see who is registered with those internet sites. If you then inform the administrators of the internet sites, that they are linking with dead pages, which they have a damaged link on their site, in a lot of cases they will be happy to change their busted link with a complimentary link to your website! Yes, it works! You have actually assisted their Search Engine Optimization and they will help to yours.


How fast can I rank my page on page 1 of the Google Search results?

It’s impossible to tell exactly, but it is possible to rank low competition keywords within 3-14 days, and with very high competition keywords then it’s likely to take 3 months with the right SEO.

Persistence is Needed to See these Search Engine Optimization technique get results, but when you do then you can create a highly profitable online business.

If you produce and disperse short article material daily, you can definitely see a remarkable increase in traffic to your website within two months.

Apart from SEO wizardry, the very best method to obtain individuals to see your internet page is to just create content that people want to share. In shorts, develop content that informs, educates, and entertains.


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