Super speed blogging tips for people on the move

Ok I admit that I’m not the most prolific blogger in the world and my motivation in front of the keyboard tends to go up and down. Which is a shame because blogging is a great way to share your message, build a following and give value to your subscribers.

Maybe you are like me and you actually get some of your best inspiration when you are on the move, when you are far away from your laptop and don’t have a pen and paper to hand!

When you are finally back at your desk you have either forgotten what you needed so badly to share with the world, or you just fell into another post dinner Facebook coma. (:

Well I want to share something with you that may well help you get back into blogging the speedy way. In the video below I explain how I’m able to get a blog post written in 10 minutes flat while I’m out going other things. Before you ask It’s not by outsourcing or “spinning” someone else regurgitated mush from yesteryear either. This method involves creating genuine unique personal blog content super fast – like the speed blogging pro you really are!

Disclaimer – you do actually need to have something to say for this to work for you! (:

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